The class topics are divided into ten modules. Each module will have an assignment associated that could be a simple quiz, a reflection piece or solving a LP model in R, Python or Excel. There will be readings associated with each module.

M1 - Introduction to Smart Grid (SG)
M2 - SG: How Electricity Distribution Will Change?
M3 - SG: How Electricity Generation Will Change? | Intro to Distributed Generation
M4 - More on DG: Challenge of DG Integration & Solar Industry Outlook
M5 - Distributed Energy Resources & Economics of Energy Storage
M6 - Behind-the-Meter (BTM) Energy Management Systems: PV + battery
M7 - Economic Dispatch with Renewables
M8 - Intro to Electric Rates Structure, Revenue Requirement
M9 - Use of System Charges: Efficient Operational Expenditure
M10 - Use of System Charges: Cost allocation principles, assumptions and methods

Here is a link to the slide deck used in the first day of class.