Class Proposed Schedule

The proposed schedule below is subject to change. My initial plan is to cover all the material listed here but I might modify it if extra time is needed for some particular topics. I will updates this table as needed during the semester.

Lecture Module Date Topic Homework
L1 M0 Aug 28 Introductions and Course Overview Join Slack Workspace
L2 M1 Aug 30 Review of Electric Power Systems: Generator, Transmission, Distribution, Load
“Old” Grids and Its Problems, The Solution: Smart Grid
Introduction to Smart Grids or Modern Power Grids: Definition, Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges
- - Sep 4 Labor Day no classes  
L3 M1 / M2 Sep 6 Introduction to Smart Grids or Modern Power Grids: Opportunities and Challenges
Smart Grid from Global Perspective: How electricity distribution will change?
L4 M2 Sep 11 Smart-meter deployment
ICT Perspectives, End user view
L5 M2 Sep 13 Utility/DSO view
AMI deployment experience Vermont and Sweden
Class Discussion on J1
L6 M3 Sep 18 Smart Grid from Global Perspective: How electricity generation will change?
Paradigm shift, renewable energy resources
L7 M3 Sep 20 Distributed generation: definition, history, planning and operation
Case Study: Rooftop PV study case Closer look at SAM
Class Discussion on J2
L8 M3 / M4 Sep 25 Challenges of Renewable Integration
from a grid perspective < br> DG integration to Power Systems
DG Optimization: Siting, Sizing, Operating and Planning
L9 M4 Sep 27 Solar Penetration Outlook
The Duck Curve and Possible Solutions
L10 M5 Oct 2 Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
Economics of Energy Storage
Energy Storage Applications to Power Systems
Energy Systems Management
Watch videos on Intro to Linear Programming
L11 M6 Oct 4 Linear Models in R using “lpsolveAPI” package and/or Python with Pyomo
Discuss A2 instructions
L12 M6 Oct 9 Energy Storage Management Systems: Residential PV + battery
Study case: storage management problem formulation
L13 M6 Oct 11 Study case: storage management implementation in R/Python A3
- - Oct 16 Fall break no classes  
L14 - Oct 18 Class Project, Team building, Proposal presentations
Discuss A3 instructions
Project Proposal (2-3 slides)
L15 M8 Oct 23 Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Hughes, Utilities Commissioner at North Carolina Utilities Commission  
L16 M8 Oct 25 Intro to Network Pricing - Transmission and Distribution Use of System Charges
Electricity Rate Structure
L17 M9 Oct 30 Revenue Requirement (CAPEX + OPEX)
How to calculate efficient operational expenditure?
L18 M9 Nov 1 Utility benchmark analysis using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) A4
L19 - Nov 6 DEA Case Study
Cost allocation: Principles and assumptions
Watch posted videos
L20 - Nov 8 Energy Week Conference - no class
Attend a panel as part of the 2023 Energy conference.
Please register here.
Optional: Write a reflection about one of the panels
L21 M10 Nov 13 Guest Speaker: Franco Ghadiri, California Energy Commission Work on project
L22 M10 Nov 15 Cost allocation: Fixed & Incremental/marginal cost methods
Cost allocation: Case Study 6-bus system
Work on project
L23 M10 Nov 20 Course Evaluation
Work on project presentation
Final project
L24 M10 Nov 22 Thanksgiving no class  
- Nov 27 - 29 Final Project Presentations