Learning Objectives

In this module we will talk about the fundamentals of transmission/distribution network pricing. The learning outcomes of this week are:

  • Understand the motivation behind deregulation process and need for economic regulation for Transmission and Distribution;
  • Learn economic regulation modes more specifically incentive-based regulation;
  • Familiarize with nomenclature and differences among electricity price, tariff and rate;
  • Introduction to transmission and distribution network pricing;
  • Understand the first step of pricing structure: calculating the utilities’ required revenue;


Here is a link to the slide deck used in class.



Additional resources and readings on network pricing.

For detailed information on North Carolina please visit the North Carolina Utilities Comission website.

Topics for Discussion/Reflection


For this module you will do a journal entry using Sakai discussion. Here is the journal entry J4 link. The due date for J4 is Tuesday Oct 31st for journal entries and Friday Nov 3rd for journal comments.